About Kate

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One of my favourite plays is Cyrano De Bergerac. Poor Cyrano, so in love with the beautiful Roxanne, and so ashamed of his unseemly, ginormous nose. Cyrano was convinced Roxanne could never love him because he was hard on the eyes. Yet he yearned to tell her how devoted he was. Enter Christian; handsome, young, virile, also bewitched by the lovely Roxanne. Cyrano and Christian team up: Cyrano’s prose, Christian’s handwriting. Together they woo Roxanne. Mostly through letters although there’s an awkward balcony scene with Cyrano in the bushes trying to stage-whisper his love.

We can court your clients together. You can be Christian: honest, profound, brave and good lookin’. I’ll be Cyrano, back here in the bushes, whispering words you can use online to attract and secure client love. I actually have a quite-small nose, but I’m happy to stay in the background while you cash in on the romance. And that’s where I’ll stop the comparison because, spoiler alert, you die in battle.




My sandbox.

I really do love messing around with language. I like digging around for just the right word, packing reason and emotion into a sentence, and layering idea on idea until a new thing makes sense. I work best in the sandbox that your brand and business provide. Writing copy that ‘does’ something gives me a container for the sand, and a purposeful place to play.

Personal stuff.

Like everyone’s journey to mastery, the road to uncompromising copy has had its twists and turns. But there’s definitely a thread that ties… my grandmother’s unbeatable boggle game; reading in the branches of a backyard apple tree; Philosophy of Language, Pre-Socratics & Epistemology; behind the curtains of community theatre; advertising, branding & PR; and now this …together.

I have always and will always be a Gemini, INTJ, Caregiver-Sage, Fascinating Archer, SMA Connector and Dowager Countess (the last one according to Buzzfeed).

I grew up down the street from Marshall McLuhan and played hide & seek in his house by the pond.

I owned two businesses in Edmonton Alberta: Philosopher Cowboys – an early word shop, and The Prairie Oyster – a specialty deli.

I promoted, discussed and crunched numbers for the McLobster, which is a real thing in Atlantic Canada, while I worked on the McDonald’s Restaurants account for 5 years. The sad truth is, nothing will tempt me away from the Big Mac.

I get most of my emails on Sunday nights, when new clients reach out after spending the mellowest part of their weekend bashing out lengthy descriptions of a methodology, trying to inspire without oversharing, battling voices in their head that insist this should be easy, this should be faster, this should be smarter, this should be done. It breaks my heart because Sundays are for reading, coffee, exploring and HBO. (If you want to take back your Sunday, give me a call.)

I finally got fed up with my kids telling me “you don’t know anything, mom” so I wrote a 12-minute test and got into Mensa and they still accuse me of a lot of things but being dumb isn’t one of them.

I’ve written for clients whose superpowers include astrology, art therapy, waste management, leadership, wind power, disruption, teambuilding, tug boats, food, fishing, various healing modalities, banking, coaching, shore reconstruction and spiritual awakening.

I believe it’s perfectly fine to drink champagne on a Tuesday; in fact, I highly recommend it.

Kate Bonnycastle is a word genius! She got me so quickly - my voice, my tone, my message, my beliefs. And she was able to organize them perfectly for my website. Thanks, Kate! You will always be my go-to writer.
Thanks Kate. It has been a pleasure working with you. I so appreciate your amazing talent. I could never have done this without you.


Honours BA, Philosophy from University of Toronto (Trinity College)

Public Relations Diploma from Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton AB

Account Director, Cossette Atlantic, Halifax NS

Brand Identity Manager, Vancity Credit Union, Vancouver BC

Self-employed copywriter, Edmonton AB, Vancouver BC, Fredericton NB, Halifax NS

Board Member, Ronald McDonald House, Halifax NS

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