the exact words you need to land the clients you love



Beyond okay.

You and I have both built our businesses around expertise. We’ve achieved a degree of mastery that we’re proud to offer our clients, who have high expectations (as they should). We also work in service of a grander vision, kinder people, a better world.

When you set the bar that high, you need copy that’s better than okay. You need to nail it. Clear. Compelling. Smart. Surprising. Engaging. And effective. Copy that converts. That, respectfully and refreshingly, gets the job done.

Finding the right words — the dead-on, nailed-it, friends-now-refer-you and your-mom-knows-what-you-do kind of words — feels great. It feels honest. Promising. Exciting. Liberating even.

I’d like to help you nail your copy. That’s what your beyond-okay business deserves.


why uncompromising works

Copy you love. Copy that works. How? With an elegant process that captures your smart & true style and expresses your who, what & why in an irresistible way.


Word nerd.

Not an insult. I’ve also been called ‘Brand Police’. Well-earned. I just love all the intricacies of pacing, style, voice, motivation, persuasion and sales conversion. And I’m an unapologetic smarty-pants who wants the only copy out there to be smart copy. If your copy isn’t working, or you simply don’t love it yet, please: lemme get my hands on it. Read more.

You nailed this again! We ROCK OUT together. Absolutely love this.
I am floored! I can’t thank you enough. Your edits and insights as always are BRILLIANT.
Kate was absolutely brilliant at taking my words and making them sound more like me.
Just knowing you are in my back pocket changes EVERYTHING.
Fucking Brilliant. Kate, I feel like you really get me. Are you psychic?
I so appreciate your amazing talent. I could never have done this without you.