Triple word score

(Honest. Compelling. High-converting.)

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You want to be sure your words are landing, because there’s a lot on the line.

You’re cementing your reputation as an expert: “I want to say this, only smarter.”

You want readers to know who you are: “This needs to sound more like me.”

There are critical moments when your words make the sale: “It can’t just be filler; it needs to convert.”

“I wrote this, but I’m not sure if it’s right.”

So here’s what I’ve seen…

…working with hundreds of entrepreneurs who are very smart, and very strong writers.

Of all the critical business activities, the writing comes last, and always takes much longer than expected.

  • You write in your head, but can’t get it down

  • You write too much and don’t know what to cut

  • You write a first draft, then don’t know what to fix

  • You write a first draft, then second, third, eighth, tenth… well now it’s just getting ridiculous

  • You hire a copywriter. They send back copy that sounds like them, not like you

  • You hire a copywriter. You re-write the copy you paid them to write, wtf?

  • You put off the writing altogether. That program doesn’t launch, that blog never sees the light of day, you avoid sending folks to your website, you change what you say every time that you say it.

  • A simple to-do… that one last step of your grand master plan… devolves into “This is hard. I feel stupid. If it’s this hard to put into words, should I even be doing this work?”

Daenerys has dragons, Hulk has his smash, Venus has Grand Slams, and Lady Gaga can sing.

Nobody expects them to write killer conversion copy as well.

Do you want to devote decades to branding, marketing and sales psychology? Are you watching how other industries sell? Have you spent 10,000 hours diving deep into the why and the how of your words?  Are you constantly upgrading with courses on the rules of conversion?

No. That’s not your expertise. You are incredibly good at… something else. Writing doesn’t have to be another one of your superpowers.

Please stop wasting your time with word-searching; set free your game-changing thing.  

The Uncompromising Copy Process gives you Done For You copy, in your own voice, that you’ll be proud to publish, and lands the clients you love.


Uncompromising Copy means…

  • Breaking some rules so your writing stays smart while it gets real. Together we draw out, develop and document your own Signature Style. I make conscious choices that strengthen your brand, and show you how to keep writing with style & distinction.

  • Calling out to your clients in their ‘hour of need’, when they’re most motivated to buy, give or act. This builds connection, compassion and trust, and draws in the people you’re choosing to serve.

  • Positioning your gifts so clients are knocking down your door. What you have is truly a gift, which means we don’t have to ‘sell’ it. We find words for your offer, and invite people in.

  • Removing all doubt with proven principles of persuasion so we coach people along the stages of awareness, gently-firmly converting until they’re eager to buy.

  • Compelling the ‘click’ with appropriate asks. I write copy that never feels pushy or ‘off’. We’re not fooling anybody here; your clients can smell a hard sell from a mile away.

Kate! I’m giddy! With delight and gratitude! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Talk about confidence —that’s what your edits and support give me. I am truly grateful!
I just wanted to gush here for a minute. That last post was beyond good. It was FANTASTIC! I changed nothing. You #nailedit and I just wanted to say thank you!

Easy, elegant process.

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Whether or not you have anything down on paper, four Mindmeld Questionnaires give me everything I need from your head & heart to start writing. We begin with a deep dive into your brand and a one-page sample to ensure we’re, you know, on the same page.

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Clean word docs

When you see it on paper, all is revealed: what’s missing, what’s redundant, what’s working, what’s not, what needs to be moved and what needs to be more. With several check-ins along the way you get what you need and no ugly surprises.

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Final review

I like to weigh in on the final, designed version to ensure the message hierarchy is clear, images support your Signature Style, copy is skimmable with no TL:DR, and all calls to action are clear & clickable.

Typical timelines.

  • Web Copy – 5 weeks

  • Long Format Sales Page – 3 weeks

  • Complete Launch Sequence (Email Invites to Lead Magnet, Lead Magnet landing page, Email Invites to Sales Page, Long Format Sales Page) – 6 weeks

  • 5-7 Conversion/Onboarding/Segmentation Emails – 2 weeks

  • Brandbase Presentation & Customized Signature Style Guidelines: your built-for-you, go-to writing style & convention guidebook to keep you inspired & share with team writers – 2 weeks


Knowing you’ve got expert eyes on your copy means you’ll…

  • Stop messing around with the words and get on with building your business

  • Get an honest & outside perspective to ensure you’re not assuming, presuming, confusing or dumbing it down

  • Get polished copy: the grammar is handled, punctuation is impeccable and no malapropisms* slip by

  • Get out of your own way: get your ideas over to me and keep moving

  • See your brilliant ideas in a whole new light

  • Go toe-to-toe with another bright mind to build on, create, evolve and improve your message

  • Deliver clear messages without sacrificing style (and vice versa)

  • Watch your words evolve, learn some cool tricks, and get increasingly better at writing your own copy, in your own branded voice. 

*a malapropism is when you use a word that sounds like the word you want, but isn’t right. Like saying “that point is mute (instead of moot)” or “outlining the basic tenants (instead of tenets).” It happens all the time and having that second set of eyes helps catch those sneaky mistakes.

Kate Bonnycastle has an incredible ability to understand and convey personality, information and calls to action in highly compelling copy that inspires and moves readers. Her work is amazing and I have already recommended her to my VIP advisors, colleagues AND clients.

Done For You copy.

In your own voice.

Just how you like it.

That you’ll be proud to publish.

Which lands clients you love.

Easy. Clean. Without compromise. Can we please get started?